Baby White Premiering April 2014!!


It’s been a long time coming and I’m finally dusting off my blog and ready to share with the world! I’m super excited to also announce that Sheldon and I are expecting a little one in April 2014! We have enjoyed a great 3 years of marriage together and since we moved back to Florida we decided we were ready to start a family.  It’s hard to keep everyone updated so I decided to revive my blog and update folks here! I’m no writer, but hey you gotta start somewhere right?! I hope you enjoy this journey with me and make sure you post your comments!

Check out my new pages as well: Baby White and My Family.

What’s New this week: Nothing too much to report this week, except the unveiling of my blog! Sheldon and I also purchased a new grill…yay! Now we can have all the BBQ ribs our hearts desire lol. I’ve also been planning my Thanksgiving menu….stay tuned for recipes and pics!

Food Cravings: I really haven’t had any food cravings since being pregnant, but this week I want nothing to do with salads or vegetables. Weird I know, but take me to Sweet Tomatoes and its a different subject.

Symptoms: Little nagging headaches!

Sleep: I haven’t gotten much sleep at night or I’ve been going to bed late this week. I mean late like 2:30 or 3am. Nothing that coffee can’t handle the next morning!

This week the baby is a size of an Avocado!


Here a few old pics from Homecoming but I wanted to share anyway. We had a great time at the UCF tailgate.

Next year we’re having our own tailgate!! I’m going to hold Candice to that lol!

Lil David

My cousins stopped by and brought little David Nathan Banks along. He’s such a joy!

Candice and Bam

My girl Candice and her son (our godchild) Bam! He’s just too cute. His little personality is something else!

Sheldon and Bam

God-daddy and Bam….he didn’t want to have anything to with me on that day! Smh.

Jenn and Cam

Me and Camryn! Isn’t she beautiful? I’m so proud of her, straight A’s and the star of her softball team!


6 thoughts on “Baby White Premiering April 2014!!

  1. I Love It!! Keep posting more & more; so I can stay in touch through your pregnancy journey. You & Sheldon will be great parents!!

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